Crowd funded platform for Agricultural investment in Pakistan

PakSirZameen AgriTech Ventures is a crowd funded enabler to promote the Agriculture sector in Pakistan

PakSirZameen AgriTech Ventures also helps:

– Facilitate & promote AgriTech Startups in Pakistan
– Facilitate Academia-Technology-Farmer-Investor linkages in the AgriTech Industry

Why Pak AgriTech?

Pak AgriTech mission is to create awareness of bold and impactful technologies rapidly transforming our food and agriculture system in Pakistan.

We’re rethinking growth for Pakistan in the 21st century. Through our socially driven investors we are able to build impact and sustenance.

We evaluate entrepreneurs and their ideas and how they can solve the problems by harnessing technology such as drones and indoor farming to satellite imaging, precision farming, etc. 

Driven by shifts in eating habits, population growth, climate change, and failing soils, our food and agriculture industry faces moonshot-sized challenges especially in Pakistan, so all of this will be easier to solve with the help of Pak AgriTech.